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Binding and Add-Ons

Binding can be found around the very outside of the quilt. It wraps from the back to the front, making it visible on each side. Standard binding is one color. 

Binding can be upgraded to include 2 colors. This will give your quilt a little pop of color.

Sashing is the fabric the goes in between each graphic. It visually separates the images. 

A quilt label is a small message that I print onto fabric and hand stitch it to the back of the quilt. It can include a photo and/or message.

A photo can be added to your quilt. I print the photos onto special fabric and include it in the assembly. 

I can also make a vinyl decal to be added to a blank t-shirt or jersey fabric block (eg. name and number from a misplaced team shirt).

A quilted message is writing within the quilting. As I am stitching through the 3 layers, I can add a written message (eg. name and date, short message to recipient). 

The 5-7 word message will be quilted into the bottom border of the quilt. Additional words/areas can be added for an additional fee.

Hanging pockets allow you to hang your quilt using a dowel. 

The pocket is a sleeve made from the same fabric as the quilt back and is stitched down so that it lays flat when not in use.

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